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Space…The final frontier!

Or Kennedy Space Centre, the closest the general public can get to the final frontier. Visit KSC (Kennedy Space Centre) to be taken on a journey through time discovering man’s infectious interest of the great unknown and the science, persistence and courage that has allowed a minority of select professionals to venture into the unknown.


Getting to KSC

The Kennedy Space Centre is located a short drive from Orlando and Daytona Beach in Central Florida. The complex is easily accessible by car, however there is no access by public transport currently.

For more information on travelling to KSC or for advice on nearby accomodation visit


Orlando shines to the world as tourist hot-spot with it’s endless attractions, entertainment, experiences, theme parks and so fourth. Visiting Kennedy Space Centre is a refreshing escape from the fictional world manufactured for tourists, you can enter an experience of just as much wonder, but with the knowledge that everything you see is real!

The visitor complex of the John F. Kennedy Space Centre is predominantly split into 5 main sections:

  • Heroes and Legends – Not only will you be introduced to all the iconic astronauts, but all the professionals behind the scenes are given their much deserved time in the limelight. Experience an intimate experience about the Heroes and Legends that made space exploration possible.

  • Behind the Gates – An all access, behind the scenes tour. You’ll be granted access beyond the gates to genuine launch sites and functioning space-flight facilities, that’s assuming there isn’t a launch that day!

  • Race to the Moon – Man has always gazed upon the moon and visualised an exploration to our orbiting satellite. This segment of KSC will take you on a journey on what began as a race between two world superpowers that inspired the planet to reach for the stars, defy gravity and take that “one step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

  • Shuttle: A ship like no other – A truly unique experience, stand beneath the genuine, mammoth space shuttle Atlantis. After appreciating the sheer scale of the shuttle, you’ll be taken on an interactive adventure where you experience a shuttle launch (or as close as possible to experiencing a launch).

  • NASA: Now and Next –  Personally, for me the most exciting section of the tour… What does NASA have in store for future space exploration. With modern advances in technology not only is the world our oyster, but the galaxy is!

For a more in depth look at the experiences please visit

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