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Downtown Toronto shivers in the shade from a monster, towering 553 metres over city stands the CN Tower. It’s the 3rd tallest tower in the world – an iconic landmark that stands out in the metropolitan jungle of the Toronto skyline. For just 40 Canadian Dollars (£24), you can be venture up to the top in less than a minute. You’ll be welcomed by breathtaking, panoramic views at the LookOut level. Floor-to-ceiling window walls were introduced this year to celebrate the Tower’s 41st birthday, offering extraordinary photo opportunities to tourists all year round.


The LookOut offers two distinct views, depending on where you stand – one looking out over the hectic downtown scene and the other over the glistening, tranquil lake views of Lake Ontario.You’ll notice small aircraft jetting in and out of Billy Bishop airport in this picturesque scene. On a clear day, you can see out as far as Niagara Falls (to put it in perspective, Niagara is an hour and a half journey away from the city).


If you want to push the boundaries and seek an authentic adrenaline rush, you can head 33 stories higher through the core of the building. This will lead you to the Sky Pod – one of the highest observation towers in the world. Not only were the views even more spectacular, but you’ll encounter a swaying sensation (which is in fact nothing other than the tower moving in the wind!).


After your birds-eye experience of Toronto, you are escorted down in a lift where you are greeted by a glass bottom floor… You’ll stand 342m above ground and the Aquarium in the approaching distance. What makes this particular attraction so interesting, is that it was the first Glass Bottom Floor to exist, when it opened in 1994. It almost reminds me of the glass elevator introduced in Roald Dahl’s best selling novel ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’.


A bonus feature for the more daring visitors is the famous Edge Walk. I must confess, I did opt out of this experience during this visit, but would definitely consider giving it a go upon my next visit to Toronto. Live footage of participants was shown on the LookOut level to give you a sense of what was in store…

As you are strapped into a harness, you are encouraged by a professional instructor to edge backwards and lean over the perimeter, with the busy city directly at your feet. For £135, participants receive a video and high-quality photographs of their experience, as well as access to the rest of the CN Tower. On top of this, if you’re feeling particularly courageous, weddings also take place here. Can you imagine saying ‘I do’ 116 stories high?


To finish off your visit, the CN Tower includes its 360 restaurant. 360 by name, 360 by nature – this is none other than a revolving restaurant. So, not only does the restaurant offer fine Canadian cuisine, but it also presents an alternative view each time you peer out of the windows. Customers will experience a full rotation every 72 minutes. Due to it being the highest and largest revolving restaurant, booking is highly recommended due to popularity.

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