Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween from the whole team at Planet Wolf! Although there’s hundreds of thousands, even millions of spooky celebrations and experiences across the globe, our local scare factory is sure to send shivers down your spine… Welcome to Tully’s farm in West Sussex, United Kingdom. 

Through a series of low lit mazes and strobe lighting, actors will attempt to frighten even the bravest of the group. The element of surprise is the key to Tully farm’s success, so I won’t elaborate any further on the frightening experience they offer. For a truly terrifying experience Tully’s farm is must do during the Halloween period!

Prices start from approximately £30, however Tully’s farm is notorious for its popularity and long queues. Book fast passes in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Visit the official Tully’s farm website to hook tickets and for more information via 

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