EXPERIENCE IT! Miccosukee Indian Village & Air Boat, Miami FL, USA

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Northern America is home to some of the most diverse climates and environments on this planet. Florida is famous for its vast everglades with an abundance of flourishing wildlife and what better way to experience this incredible habitat than cruising with the fresh air flowing through your hair as you venture through the swamp land. You’ll be immersed in a spectacular display of natural, untouched environments which will explore the native plants, birdlife and of course, the alligators.

Your adventure begins in an authentic Indian Camp called Miccosukee which dates back over a century. 

The airboats are the major draw for visitors to the area, but the Miccosukee Indian Village offers a much broader selections of experiences ranging from alligator experiences, shows and museums that’ll immerse you into the history and rich culture of the tribes that used to roam the lands. 

During your airboat experience through the Everglades of Florida you’ll come into a close encounter with a variety of wildlife including alligators that can only spotted by a keen or trained eye. Take advantage of your tour guides extensive knowledge, discover everything about alligators and the habitat that they thrive in. 

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