EXPERIENCE IT! Weta Workshop, Wellington NZ

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Take a step behind the scenes and enter the creative work of the masterminds that made film franchises such as “Lord of the Rings” possible. Learn how these creative geniuses craft models for the movies that eventually gain a starring role as a prop or creature. 


You’ll find the Weta Workshop just a stones throw away from New Zealand’s Windy City, Wellington. Burried in the heart of a residential estate in the outskirts of Wellington, you are given the opportunity to enter the creative world of the movie geniuses behind such films like The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, Avatar, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Planet of the Apes and the list goes on. 

Of all the special effects and props produced at Weta, Lord of the Rings stands out. Sir Peter Jackson approached the studios in the early millennia with the mammoth task of creating all the unique props, strange weapons, relics and unusual creatures featured in J.R.R Tolkien’s classic, fictional Middle Earth universe. 

Weta Workshop prides itself on its innovation, boasting the production of its movie quality chainmail and “bigature” models; sculptures of creatures/props with such incredible detail, that until Weta Worshop stepped into the seen and shook the industry up, had only been seen on a significantly smaller scale. 

You’ll be taken on a journey that each  of the hundreds of thousands of creations take; starting as a simple idea sketched onto paper to the lifelike models that seem to follow you throughout the tour. Watch the masters at work as you are given a guided tour through the workshop, Weta is still a fully functionable workshop continually adding notable Hollywood films under its belt. 

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