CHECK IT OUT! Sagrada Familia Barcelona, Spain

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Antoni Gaudi’s vision has been under construction for over a century and remains an ongoing project to this day. Sagrada Familia is predicted completion in 2029, however even with the hectic construction continually taking place and the litter of cranes climbing the structure, this notable landmark is visited by thousands of culturally hungry tourists every day. Patience really is a virtue with this incredible, on-going work of art that makes you appreciate the miniscule details and effort that have gone into creating this spectacular cathedral.

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There’s plenty of options to admire this shining beacon of religion and Catalonian culture standing side by side; you can pay for a guided tour inside the cathedral, climb one of its eighteen towers for panoramic views of Barcelona or simply take in the beauty of the tower from the outside. Unfortunately, my time in Barcelona was short and I only the opportunity to experience this mammoth cathedral from the surrounding area. The inside structures of Sagrada Familia are renowned for their religious influence and quirky mixture of Gaudi’s imagination. You can book entrance tickets via the official website which offers combination packages including the cityscape viewpoints from the towers (


Navigating to Sagrada Familia can be achieved with ease;

Underground Train – The metro stop is named ‘Sagrada Familia’ (original, I know) which emerges at the foot of the cathedral. Metro tickets are incredibly cheap, so this makes Sagrada Familia viable for those travelling on a shoe string.

Taxis – Never further than a stone’s throw away, so commuting by taxi is a simple option.

Buses – Much like the train network, Barcelona offers plenty of public transport around the city for extremely accommodating prices.

Walk – Depending on where you set out in Barcelona, this could be an option. Remember, Barcelona is a vast city and walking for hours on end may not be viable for the sake of saving a couple of euros.

Cycle –By far my favourite option! Barcelona is a city with a prominent sport culture, shops offering bicycle hire seem to be on every corner. Cycle through the city, park up you bike and experience everything Barcelona offers at your own comfortable pace.


Hidden gem – Be sure to visit Sagrada Familia during the evening. The cathedral is lit up exposing colours that’ll guarantee a “#nofilter photo” and leave your close ones at home stuck in a jealous awe of this bucket list worthy landmark.

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