Fancy joining the Wolfpack?

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Have you got a creative flair that you want to explore? Do you consider yourself a freelance travel blogger like ourselves? Are you a self-taught photography genius? Are you looking to grow your social media following? Or are you simply interested in trying something new?

Well …good news! We at Planet Wolf are always looking to grow our community of travel bloggers or should I say…Wolfpack!


We are on the prowl for travellers from all walks of life; solo backpackers, couple backpackers, luxury travellers, cabin crew members, sporting enthusiast travellers and so fourth, the list goes on. It’s not important whether you’re new to the blogging scene or veteran on the internet with a steady audience, we’re not fussy. Every week we’re receiving a growing demand of readers looking to expand their creative universe and capture a wider audience. Although we won’t compensate your content with cash we can offer something that’s priceless, free marketing. If we feature your masterpiece we will source all the images and content straight to your website, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube or whatever creative outlet you choose to distribute on.


Featured content

For a chance to have your content featured, please email with the following requirements;

  1. Your name or brand name you operate by.
  2. A URL to your website and/or link to your creative outlet.
  3. Written consent that the images and videos are your own or that you have permission to distribute them.
  4. Written consent that you allow Planet Wolf to distribute your content providing that we source all written content, photography and videos to your chosen platform.
  5. A sample of your content, so that we can see what you’re about and if it fits in the image Planet Wolf is trying to portray
  6. A contact email address should we decide that we would like to feature your work

Once you’ve completed all the steps please be patient, we will try get back to you as soon as possible. We are receiving a growing number of request and can’t get back to everyone (as much as we try).


Instagram only

For those budding photographers out there who wish to be featured on our Instagram, we ask for a simple 3 step process for the chance to be featured;

  1. Follow @planet__wolf Instagram account
  2. Spend some time scrolling  through our feed to understand what we like to feature (and why not drop us a few likes whilst you’re at it).
  3. Tag @planet__wolf in your snap that you wish to be featured

Typically we share Instagrammers on either Saturday or Sunday using #SHOUTOUTSATURDAY or #SHARESUNDAY hastags. Again, once you’ve completed all the steps please be patient, we will try direct message you on Instagram as soon as possible. If we don’t get back to you, please don’t take it personally as we have a growing number of requests to be featured (although we do try to get in touch with all of you).


I personally look forward to reading about all of your amazing adventures!


Glen Wolfenden

Founder/Freelance blogger

Planet Wolf

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