STAY HERE! Tiny Home New Forest, United Kingdom 

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Living in the UK, everyday life can become mundane from time to time and nothing beats an escape to the great, British outdoors. The New Forest is a haven for the south coast of England with its fresh air, picturesque scenery and wildlife roaming freely throughout the national park. Tiny Home, situated on the outskirts of Fordingbridge is unique lodge experience that’ll nestle you into the heart of the forest on your natural adventure…

We stumbled upon Tiny Home which is a family run lodge on Airbnb by Katy. The pint sized home is hidden away at the end of her property facing out towards the farming lands. Depending on the experience you’re searching for you can either switch your mobile off and immerse yourself into forest life without your modern day comforts or stay in touch with base with local ammentities just a comfortable walk away. 

The Tiny Home is an optical illusion, although from the outside the miniature lodge seems like it could barely squeeze in one guest, once you enter you’ll immediately discover that Katy has strategically designed the property to comfortably accommodate a family of four.

 The home has all the ammentaties you’d expect; an ensuite bathroom, a kitchen equipped with gas hobs, a dining area that can be transformed into an additional bedroom, an annex with a double sized bed and an outdoor patio area complimented by a wood fire pit to soak in the spectacular environment surrounding you. 

The icing on the cake for this humble abode is the neighbours. Katy owns 15 chickens, 2 goats and 3 dogs that’ll visit you in your home during you stay, the animals are incredibly friendly and add yet another perk to this choice of accomodation. 

During the evenings, simply enjoying a beverage whilst watching the world go by and watching the sky transform into an incredible pallet of blood orange is enough to keep you entertained. However during the daytime, you’ll want to explore Mother Nature at her finest. 

On your escape to the countryside, grab a bicycle, venture through the forest, immersing yourself into the rich tapestry of natural colours, stopping only to wet your whistle and feast on mouth-watering, local produced meals at one of the many rustic pubs in the surrounding area. 

If the breath-taking scenery isn’t enough to keep you entertained, there’s plenty of nearby attractions to occupy a variety of ages and tastes. Local attractions within a short driving range include theme parks, zoos, beaches, shopping malls, conservation parks and whole heap more (check out for a full list of local attractions). 

If you’d like to book a stay in Katy’s quirky, pint sized lodge then please do via:

If you do stay at her property, please remember as she operates on Airbnb she relies off positive reviews to publicise her Tiny Home and to write a review of your adventure there. 

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