EXPERIENCE IT! Colosseum Rome, Italy 

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Arguably one of the most well preserved and famous of historical landmarks in the world, the colosseum is visited by thousands of culturally hungry tourists searching for a window into Ancient Rome. To this modern era, the colosseum still stands in almost pristine condition, which allows tourists the rare opportunity to step into the arena, walk amongst legendary gladiators who would fight to the death in search of honour and glory. 

There’s a variety of options whilst visiting the colosseum, unfortunately Rome is notoriously expensive and the colosseum is no exception. But of course, like every city escape there’s options to experience all the sights on a shoestring (which I’ll add links at the end of the post). However, if you’ve ventured all this way to truly indulge yourself with ancient Roman history, you won’t get a more unique and in-depth experience than taking part in a organised tour of the arena grounds. 

Whilst visiting the colosseum, I took part in an organised tour costing €35. Not only did I reap the benefits of a knowledgable tour guide, I was fortunately granted the opportunity to stroll on the arena grounds of the colosseum (an opportunity only accessible through a tour operator). 

You’ll spend roughly 2-3 hours inside the colosseum, that equates to roughly 2 hours in your guided tour and approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour of free time to explore the arena for that epic backdrop of your photo. 

Once you’re a certified Roman historian, discovered everything that took place in the colosseum ranging from daring battles against foreign beasts to its political presence and you’ve captured that incredible shot to make all your friends jealous on Instagram, it’s time to leave the grounds and partake in the optional (but free) section of your tour.  

The “free” section of your tour takes you up to Palatine Hill. Palatine Hill claims to be the source of western civilisation, the true city centre of Rome. Your tour guide will submerse you into its rich history, royal residents and geological significance which explains why it was chosen by Roman’s as its first settlements of Rome. 

Again, I tend not to divulge too much historical information in my posts, I’d hate to spoil the surprise of your own Roman experience, but you’ll leave your tour with an extensive set of knowledge on ancient Roman history and the growth of Rome over the past 2000 years or so. 

Towards the end of your tour, your guide will offer you other tour packages throughout Rome. Notably one being the Vatican, take the tour! The lines at the Vatican are horrendous, particularly in peak season (summer), with tour operators you skip the queue and again, are given the unique experience to dive into the Vatican’s fascinating history with a knowledgeable guide.

If you’d prefer to pre-book your colosseum tour, here’s just a handful of useful tour operators available;

  4. OR alternatively use the popular Viator website 

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