GET TIPSY! Ocean Beach Club, Ibiza 

Ibiza, the European capital for electric super clubs, world famous DJs, a paradise with an abundance of sandy beaches, rocking boat parties, constant flow of alcohol and tourists from across the globe letting their inhibitions run wild. When all of these attractions come together, what does that create? Yep! You guessed it, pool parties! Well, you’ll struggle to find a better pool party atmosphere than the world famous “Ocean Beach Club” located on the golden shores of San Antonio in Ibiza. 

Ocean Beach offers a different schedule for each day of the week during peak season, featuring music from a variety of artists to satisfy all different tastes ranging from house to old school R&B (at its kisstory events).

 The entertainment doesn’t stop at the DJ booth, you’ll be emerged into an EDM wonderland with acrobatic displays, regular prizes given away, dance routines and displays of wealth spraying the crowd with premium bottles of champagne. Those are just a handful of the entertainment Ocean Beach will offer you, check out their website for full schedules ( 

Whether you’d prefer to run riot in the pool or step back, relax and splash the cash in a VIP sun lounger, ocean beach will adhere to your needs. Typical entrance into Ocean Beach starts from €20. If you’d prefer to lounge in luxury with your group, beds typically have a minimum spend of €100 depending on the size of your group and the upcoming event (see for more information). 

Ocean Beach is a must do whilst visiting the white isles of Ibiza, a partying experience next to none that’ll leave you with incredible memories (possibly, depending how much you choose to drink!). Be sure to check their website for all upcoming events, prices and general information. 

Or read our previous blog about “Mambos” in Ibiza to start planning your Ibizan itinerary. 

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