EXPERIENCE IT! Arundel Castle Jousting Festival, UK 

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Step back in time to medieval Britain where knights would battle through jousting or sword combat to prove they were elite amongst the bravest of the land’s knights. This medieval timepiece stands at the foot of Arundel Castle typically taking part during July, allows visitors from near and far to partake in its Medieval spectacular. 

Upon entrance you’ll be immersed into medieval Britain with its spectacular display of traditional blacksmiths, archery ranges, craftsman, food and beverage stalls. 

Arundel Castle puts on a number of shows to entertain visitors, ranging from “knights” from different realms “combating to the death” to valiant knights jousting against one another to claim glory and fame. Of course, the risk is minimised in this modern era due to health and safety, however this does not mean the sport is entirely safe. Arundel’s resident knights don’t hold back, using the swords they will strike at full force to collapse their “enemy” to his knees or plunge into their opponent with full force in jousting in aim to knock them to ground from their trusted stead. 

An added bonus of the festival is that you’re pass will grant you entrance into the spectacular castle grounds and interior of the castle. You’ll be guided through the castle’s countless rooms and halls that’ll amaze you with their rich history.  

So whether you’re visit the south coast of England or you’re from the local area, be sure to check out Arundel Jousting festival for an authentic peak into Britain’a vibrant history. 

For more information visit Arundel Castle’s official website (

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